Your Instagram Bae Goals Are Different from Mine, Seriously!!!

Your Instagram Bae Goals Are Different from Mine, Seriously!!!

First of all, the purpose of Instagram is to capture pictures, and moments, and that’s exactly what is captured and seen as goals. Everything is staged and purposely captured to be perfect. It does not mean that couples and loved birds do not fight or have challenges they are struggling with. No, it simply means that regardless of life, they use every opportunity to choose to be together and be happy.

Secondly, not all things online are true. You better start believing this, especially if you get carried away by Disney movies, and love stories. Some of these models and couples you see are not Bonnie & Clyde. They make it work when reflected outside. Not everyone needs to know that all is not well with you, or your significant other. You just wear a big fake smile and pose for the nice camera, finito. Pictures are deceptive. Not all you see is real. Seeing is not believing in this aspect. Furthermore, good looking people and camera friendly folks do make pictures perfect. Bae goals are more like friend goals sometimes. Some of these folks could be models or friends who crazily love pictures and take advantage of such social media platform.

Thirdly, your bae goals are different from mine. This reminds me of a movie I saw a few months back, “The Marriage Chronicle”. The movie was about 3 married couples who were visiting a female Therapist to work on their marriages. One of these couples who looked very into each other, deeply immersed and still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage seemed like they were all good, with no need for a Therapist. Pretty much, the bae goals that they exhumed from outside was not the same as what was conceived within. The man was pretty much a womanizer and never really cared about his wife. They were high school sweethearts at 16 years old but got married at age 32. If you do the mathematics right, obviously something does not add up. The guy clearly saw no problem in the relationship, but it was vice-versa for the wife. In summary, not all things perceived outside are exactly conceived within. Would you rather have bae goals outside, and monster goals on the inside? Or vice-versa? What do you say?

gold-glitter1My loves, please do not wish for anyone’s bae goals or life. It is deceptive and not 100% what it is. I’m sure we can all relate to all the highlighted reasons and you probably know one or two people in such situation. Stick to your own bae and relationship goals. As commonly said, NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD (GOALS). Your relationship goals are not bae goals for myself. Each one is uniquely different, and should be admired and appreciated differently.


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