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How is the second quarter of the year going? Just realizing this is my very first post for the year. Sorry, a lot of infrastructures, and behind the scenes work have indeed been taking place. Now, I’m back with more contents, and yummy health and wellness posts. Today’s post will overview on diets, and calorie intake. Diet in terms of food in general, not dieting like weight loss. A lot of my posts are often inspired by real-life events, out of curiosity, and hunger for knowledge. This week is the former; real life event and it got me thinking about daily calorie intake and diet commitments.

A few weeks back, I was at a work training that took place all day. All day meetings can be draining, both physically and mentally, and can result in low blood sugar and stress if not properly prepared. Thankfully, my training came with free lunch, and it was a huge relief on my part. We are often faced with the struggle of eating a balanced diet many at times, and I was in that phase of sticking to more intake of nutrients, proteins and cut down on carbohydrates according to my metabolism type (future post coming soon). Mind you, light snacks and drinks (granular bar, M&M trail mix, apple/cranberry/orange juice, water, etc.) were adequately provided to trainees all day.

On getting started with my training, I already had a cup of chai tea latte. As the meeting progressed, I had some M&M trail mix with a bottle of orange juice. For lunch break, we were welcomed to a catered deli sandwich that came with unknown sides. As #teamfitfam, I chose to go for a whole wheat blackened chicken sandwich which came with a vegetarian-friendly pasta & tofu, banana, and a blondie cookie. As I consciously monitor what I put in my mouth, I swapped my banana for an apple and the cookie for a fudgy brownie; guilty pleasure. Note: That is a lot of food in my opinion, and I was not complaining.

I barely ate half of my sandwich, and I was already full. So did my other colleagues, from observation. Most of them barely went through their whole lunch box, and this just got me instantly thinking of how free food can at times be detrimental to our diet goals. So also, the ideology of how hard it is actually to be disciplined on self-control, cheat days and a balanced diet. Another interesting occurrence I noticed was how the lunch box content was mostly made from flour, literally. I am here trying to do away with unnecessary intake of bread and rice, but, I was still ingesting this anyways, but in another form. The ingredient for making whole wheat sandwich bread, pasta and cookie/brownie are all derived from the same source i.e. FLOUR.

Upon realization, I just laughed and was blown away. I decided my lunch was going to be my meal for the whole day. Recall earlier when I swapped my fruit and snack for healthier options with fewer calories? Yeah…I was so thankful that I did, and I ended up eating my pasta and some bit of the brownie two hours later. I had the remaining half of my sandwich for dinner and gulped up with water to call it a day. Prior to dinner, I stopped by for a happy hour event and purposely chose not to drink. I noticed some colleagues from the training who later finished their lunch box with time, also had a few drinks before heading home.

If we were to purposely monitor every food we put in our mouth and ingested, I believe that we would be much more conscious of our health and lifestyle goals. Most importantly, we would be able to comprehend our metabolism and control our food intake. Not necessarily to stop eating, but to occasionally substitute/give up your favorite treats, and foods denser in calories i.e. refined carbohydrates, sugar, high fats and sodium to healthier options and choices. Cheat days and portion control are always welcome, and the key to sustainability. I will suggest signing up for a food and nutrition tracking app (e.g. MyFitnessPal, and FatSecret) that tracks your food, and counts your daily calorie intake. This can create awareness on eating habits, nutrition, metabolic type, food transparency and much more.

I hope this synopsis into my crazy foodie-brain on how I maneuver food motivates you to love your health, and bodies more. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

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  1. Amber
    May 15, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    If I am what I eat, I guess I’m cake and donuts. Ha. Oh, and fries. I do try to limit my junk food though, but I just can’t give it up.

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