What Does Your Food Label Say?

What Does Your Food Label Say?

It’s 10:52 pm on a Sunday night, and I’m slightly hungry and craving for something light. I drop my school work, and head to my fridge for the zillionth time (does this happen to anyone?)

Arghhhh, I remembered I had fruits. I stretched forth to the lower section, into the fruit cabinet of the fridge and grab the bag of Bartlett pears. I finally decided on the cute one to settle for and munch on. As I prepped, washed and fixed my light snack, I detached the food label on the bag. I noticed that the label had an inscription on its back that said, “Coated with food grade shellac and/or vegetable wax.” This felt like a news flash; I was blown away and speechless for minutes. I then questioned myself, what does this mean? The next seconds, I began to find the wax on my fruit by scraping the skin with my fingers. All efforts seemed futile as this coating was non-existence. As expected, the nerd that I am ran off to google about wax coatings on fruits and vegetables. Oh mine, I got shocked again for the second time. What has this food industry turned to? Why coat foods with unnecessary coatings, preservatives, and chemicals? What is agriculture turning into? All these questions ran through my mind simultaneously.

The above incidence occurred last night to me and opened my eyes to unprecedented things that ought not to be acceptable, especially in our tagged healthy foods. This situation further became an eye opener about the true situation of things, and the effects of food labels. Most times, food labels are deceiving, or created to, strategically. This was a clear example of such tactics. To make the matter worse, some of these tactics apply to organic products as well. Because it is organic does not mean that it is 100% handled and treated with natural and eco-friendly practices. Some organic items are not always 100% organic. (This is surely another post for another day, seriously).

Moving on, do you examine the food labels of your groceries prior to purchasing, or not? Does it cross your mind at all, or you are unbothered about such vital information? What does your food label truly say? Read the nutritional components, and every other fine print on the label whether legible or not. The little prints are purposely kept in place to draw less attention to them while still complying with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations….just like how I fell for this deception in the store and realized few days later after the purchase of produce. AC lovers, I hope that this shared personal experience would be a motivation to taking your health seriously. Moreover, this is a venture to open your mind to ongoing health concerns and issues right under your nose. Now, I hope everyone is enlightened and learned something new today. Always remember to READ EVERYTHING in your food.

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