Being a Woman of Value| First Step

Being a Woman of Value| First Step

What is value? I have always struggled with this question myself, not because I needed to know it for a word game or anything like that, but because I needed to know it to better appreciate me… well, not just me, but others as well. Value is the importance or usefulness of something or in this case, someone: essentially your worth. If you don’t appreciate your effectiveness and your worth, then I’m afraid that man or woman will have an impossible time seeing it for themselves. The lack of self worth is the reason why people accept jobs and situations that are toxic for them, out of a lack of respect for thyself. Well, no more. This is 2016 baby(girls and boys), time to validate you before anyone else does.

Value doesn’t come in one day; it takes stages of investment and development. Imagine a diamond and how it’s made. The diamond is now desired by almost every woman on this earth (except those who wouldn’t mind receiving a wooden ring for a proposal, that is- not judging). Alright, enough joking around, back to the point: The diamond, one of the most rarest of gems, is formed at a high temperature and a pressure as high as 190 kilometers. The carbon containing mineral, found in the Earth’s mantle, takes 1 billion to 3.3. billion years to grow into something of substance, so as mentioned before (without boring you to death with things you should have learned in secondary school), your value doesn’t just happen in one day. Growth produces value and with time and pressure, your value increase. Now, hear me well, you don’t have to be the wealthiest person in the world or the smartest or even the most influential to have value; would you be shocked if I told you that there was value in simply being you? Everyone has value, but every value is measured differently and has the ability if not constantly added to, deducted from. The diamond (you) are so rare that it is wedged between the earth’s crust and it’s outer core, at the mantle. This mantle (where you, the diamond, is found) is made up of rigid hard and sturdy rocks. When found, your maker cuts and polishes you into what people are now in awe of today. Funny enough, many people don’t actually know the process of how you, the awesome person reading this, came to be. Often times, they see the end result and are just taken away by that alone, that the process of how you came to be, is skipped over and thus your value is only limited to the duration of this end product that they see. But worthy are you, who’s worth was defined at birth (the day you were thought up, before you actually came to exist in the world). I must admit, I’m impressed by you already or should I say that I’m more impressed with your maker: to take you from a place of dirt and hidden potential and mold you into something so beautiful and rare and valuable and made to be given to the world for a special purpose. You are valuable because you are rare. No two diamonds are actually cut exactly the same. Remember this, the next time you find yourself doubting your self worth and value. You are one of the rarest rocks found in this earth.


Now that you  know this process of how a valuable diamond is made, I am sure you are probably assessing your own worth right now and evaluating your own process (your background, your struggles, your victories and failures, et al.). When I mentioned earlier how everyone has value (whether big or small, depends entirely on your additives) I meant it. There is something that is in you that is so rare that it’s necessary to the existent and fulfillment of another. Isn’t that powerful- now, if only you knew exactly what this value was. No worries, I will help you by the end of this, to figure it out for yourself- just keep in mind that you are still a value in growth and your value will change with every stage you enter in this life.


Development overtime will turn that sturdy, dirt compacted rock into a diamond. You sharpen yourself into a woman of substance, the more you chip away at things that don’t grow you or habits that keep you from being who you are called to be. When you don’t recognize your value or contributions to the world or to the lives of others, you will forever be as valuable as they want you to be. Don’t underestimate the wonderful you because of other people’s perceptions of you. Sweetheart, you are divinely made and now that you know the process, you should take yourself a bit more seriously and expect nothing less. If you want to be seen as necessary in this life, needed, wanted or rare: you must start by recognizing the price tag that comes with your existence. You came at a high price and as you grow more and more in your value, do not allow anyone to mark you down for SALE. The moment you start deducting your own value and making yourself insecure (both in how you see yourself and how you carry yourself and treat others) then anyone can say that you are anything and you will believe them- whether it be good or bad.  It’s very simple: when you love yourself, you take pride in who you are and what you have to offer (no matter how big or small). So, if your only value is your killer personality or your caring nature or even your hunger for God, then by all means embrace it. You are good enough, and the beautiful thing is you’re still growing and like that diamond we discussed earlier, your value will only get better with time, attention, love and the hands of your maker being placed upon you. When you master this, you will no longer have to convince people of your worth, they will just see it and want to celebrate everything that you are, flaw and all.


Remain Absolute,






    • Chinomso Odimegwu
      January 26, 2016 / 12:27 am

      Wow, Moji, you are amazing! and yes, from one blogger to another, we see what you’re doing and we just want to thank you for your support! Amazing are you who takes the time to see beauty in the masterpiece of another. You are lovely; thank you!!

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