The Very Scent of Perfection

The Very Scent of Perfection

Body odor is a sensitive issue and we don’t recommend drowning yourself in even more chemicals, for crying out loud, our environment already gives off enough. So, doing this isn’t going to help you or the person sitting next to you, rather it’s only helping to cover up the foul scent for a short amount of time, so unfortunately when the chemical wear off, the scent becomes apparent again. This is what many forget. No worries, We’re here to help! These home remedies will get you smelling more fresh and feeling like a more confident you.

  1. shower daily. 2 times a day, the minimum and brush day and night as well and in between meals, if time allows. Not bathing can lead to bacteria accumulation and odor being secreted from your apocrine glands, sebaceous and eccrine glands.
  2. Apply deodorant or antiperspirant twice a day: once in the daytime to dry skin and just before you go to bed. We recommend the brands: Dove, Arm and Hammer and Old Spice or you could just make your own deodorant. Check back this week to find out how to Do-It-Yourself.32fb2239766f809e_deodorant
  3. Make sure to wash under your armpits and your shampoo your hair, even when you don’t think it’s necessary. Bacteria love to hide under there, for hair traps odorants. For those like me who love shaving, this is wise because no hair means that bacteria has no place to hide. The more hair you have there, the more the evaporation of sweat is slowed down, which means: all the more bacteria.
  4. Change your shoes every now and then. Let air enter in between your toes. The more you wear a certain pair of shoes, the more sweat builds up inside your shoes and the more you wear them, the worse the scent becomes. The trick, in this case, that many use is: baby powder or foot powder. It tends to cover the smell, but then again- why cover, when you can just get ride of it entirely? wash your feet, change your shoes often and let your feet breathe every now and then. The goal is to maintain dryness.
  5. Add vinegar to your bath sponge. If you find yourself in a warm environment or sweating often, the body heat can contribute to the body’s odor. Good news- vinegar can help lower the body’s pH level and bacteria cannot grow in acidity. Just make sure that you don’t have any open wounds, from shaving, etc. for this will cause you to have a reaction to the vinegar.
  6. If Vinegar isn’t strong enough for you, try mixing a water and hydrogen peroxide solution to fight off the body odor.

Thank me later. In order to be your absolute self, you have to feel absolute. 


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