The battle: Logic versus Emotion

The battle: Logic versus Emotion

There is beauty in our ability. God created us with such wonder; he created us with an ability to balance things, but the problem lies in the average humans ability to be disciplined in order to balance. Some people are overly emotional or overly intellectual and are yet to find the common ground between the two. Love is more logical than it is emotional. Our first understanding of love comes from our feelings and the underlying core foundation of it all is in our emotions. In love, you need to be able to process why you are in love and that is something that is hard to do when you are all in emotionally.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”] Love is more logical than it is emotional [/pullquote]

So, what is love? God is love and if you dare doubt me, open up that bible to 1 Corinthians 13. Love is not blind, infatuation is. Love is logical, it’s a process. I used to be one of those people who desired falling in love, but little did I know, falling is not logical, but walking is. If you fall into love, you will get hurt: now that’s logic – perhaps some would even say it’s pure common sense, but when you are gradually developed in love, you will be more intentional in who you give your love to and how much love you give away. Many of us skip this important step and open ourselves up to any and everyone, even those who are not mature enough to receive the kind of love that we have to give.

When you are emotionally in love, it is based on feelings; you are easily wavered, can easily be moved and to make matters worse, the other person or even your environment can easily dictate your thoughts and change them. Thank God love is not emotional, for if it was, we would be exiting out of relationships that are God-given and settling for anyone that makes us feel good about ourselves or perhaps we may even find ourselves abandoning some family members after a heated argument as a result of our emotion at the time.

Similarly, there is a problem with those who rely solely on their logic and intellects; these people tend to over analyze their relationships right down the drain, for example, if she sneezes or looks in a different direction, to you it means something when perhaps there’s nothing actually there. God gave you this mind, not for your own destruction, but he gave it to you in order for you to use it to process and count the costs, to be able to ask the kind of questions: do I have enough to manage another’s emotions on top of my own? do I have enough to pursue, am I mature enough to be in a relationship? Is there still virtues that I lack, for example: honesty, transparency, selflessness, Godliness? Have I done away with pride? Have I gotten over past hurts before trying to move into a new relationship? If you have any of these still active, then you need to wait on the sideline a little bit longer before stepping into the romantic pursuit, because anything but will only bring about more imbalance.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]It’s better to have God in your life and not need him, then to need him and not have him. [/pullquote]

What does this love look like with God, in God and when given by God? Well, it is not confusing for starters, nor does it mislead or get easily derailed. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, therefore when it’s a love that has the balance of logic and emotions, it looks exactly like this: it doesn’t change its mind to love you today and not love you tomorrow. So, when we ask for Godliness, this is partly what we are asking for, to be able to be this type of love for others. A love that is balanced.

At times it can be hard loving someone when you’re unsure whether or not they’ve ever genuinely loved you back, but regardless, the secret is to keep loving them no matter what, even as exhausting as it may be, as belittling as it is and as confusing and angry as it may make you at times; you just have to keep loving as though you feel no pain by their actions; that is the beginning of your transition to Godliness. It’s like putting hot coal upon their heads and while I’m aware that nobody is perfect (even our expectations of people aren’t perfect), it is through balancing your emotions with logic, that you will see the person for exactly who they are and come to love them as Christ has called us to love them.


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