Shamelessly Unafraid

Shamelessly Unafraid

We live in a world where our have-nots make us ashamed of who we are; a world where we are so consumed and distracted by noise, material possessions and temporary worldly matters, that we fail to look up every now and then from our caffeinated days to appreciate the everyday gift of life, which we unknowingly inspired. Do me a favor and look up at the sky tonight, regardless of where you are in the world. Do you see those stars? how beautiful they shine, separated by distance; a perfect example of Gods love for mankind. He so loved the world that even at night he gave the stars a purpose: to self reflect exactly how we are seen in his eyes.

As I lay in bed admiring Gods handiwork through the tiny opening of my velvet Martha Stewart curtains, it dawned on me how humanly impossible it was to have created all that we see before us on this beautiful night, how it must have been the handwork of a divine supernatural power, for all this to have occurred. Human beings are constantly trying to explore the outer layers of the universe simply because they did not create it, for starters. Imagine a home owner without the blueprint to their property or even the deed; without either, it would be difficult to claim your property, am I right?. Humans cannot claim to be God and say that they are responsible for the creation of the world, the stars, ourselves. Hence, why we as humans are always uncertain and searching for truth. For as long as we exist, we will always be in search for validity and proof unfortunately. But yet, the one who has the blueprint for the universe, proper ownership for that which he created, simply does not need proof and has provided us with truth, if we open up our hearts to accept it and him.; Our lack of faith is why we are lost and unaware to see how the stars in it’s beautiful existence were made to reflect us, for his glory.

My 4-year-old niece has just joined me in bed, so now we are two where we were just one before- this is nice. As she cuddled near me, I can’t imagine if she currently saw herself the way that we all saw her: beautiful, innocent and filled with so much potential. You, just like her and I, are a reflection of what we see in the sky above us. Those stars up there are a reflection of your divinity; a perfect symbol, through Christ, of a distant, unattainable and magical light. What this description essentially means is this: based on the value placed upon you by your maker, you have been made to stand apart from the rest in distance, called to not conform to the things of this world and encouraged to shine in such a way that forces people to simultaneously question and marvel at your existence, while glorifying the source of your being. Now, the interesting thing about magic is that while it exists in each of us, some people may never acknowledge or even unlock it, due to their own lack of faith. Do you believe? and if so, what do you believe in? I’m curious to know.




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    • Chinomso Odimegwu
      July 19, 2017 / 10:08 pm

      awesome! I’m so glad you managed to locate us 😀 thank you for stopping by. You are so valuable to us.

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