New Year Detox |Kickstart 2016

New Year Detox |Kickstart 2016

Happy New Year Absolute Lovers, and welcome back to reality!!!

I hope this New Year will be the best year ever for you. So back to reality about your health and fitness, the holiday is passed now and time to get back to clean eating. Below are outlined tips on detoxing and moving on with your fitness goals for 2016.

• First, clean out your fridge and freezer. Only keep leftovers that are healthy i.e. meats, vegetables, fruits and good grains. The point of detoxing is to cut out all unhealthy diets especially carbohydrates (carbs). These are mostly white grains like bread, rice and pastries with high sugar content like ice-creams.
• Eliminate all carbonated drinks, sodas and juices. Only drink WATER. Drink a lot of water daily, especially when you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed at night and between every meal.
• Go grocery shopping for foods that are low in carbs like soups, lentils, beans, vegetables etc
• Drink lemon water every morning, to begin cleansing of the body. (Add ginger; optional).
• Don’t skip meals. It reduces your body’s metabolism.
• Prepare detox recipes that are low in carbs, but yet healthy. You can google for more ideas, visit Pinterest or check on YouTube. Below are several recipe ideas.
o Herbal, green, black, chai, and chamomile tea
o Detox snacks – kale chips, roasted chickpeas and nuts, trail mix, dried fruits, chia fresca, avocado, carrot/celery with humus, popcorn with pepper, Greek yogurt etc.
o Soups in general – rainbow detox soup, detox beans soup, no chicken and chicken noodle soup, kale & lentil soup, cauliflower soup, butternut squash soup, pumpkin soup, carrot detox soup, curries, stews etc.
o Leafy salads
o Green juice and smoothie

• Next, reduce your portion control. This is major when detoxing. You cannot detox while still eating more than your stomach can fathom. NEVER!
• Change your serving plates to smaller ones to accommodate less food.
• While eating, ensure that you are seated. Standing accommodates more food intake, the former does not. (Did you know that?)
• Have a food journal or diary where you login everything that enters your mouth. This helps to better control and discipline yourself for a stricter detox commitment.
• For a successful detox, purposely plan your meals ahead. For example, prepare meals for the week during the weekend.
• Introduce an exercise routine of at least 15 minutes daily to your fitness. If you have an area of concentration, focus on it. For example, run indoor or outdoor for 15 mins, then work on your abdomen, quadriceps, hamstrings, thighs and glutes for another 15-20 minutes.
• Ensure you sleep timely, and regularly. The estimated average amount of sleep is 6-8 hours for adults.
• Lastly, repeat this all over again till it becomes a lifestyle.

Let me know how this detox journey is going for you. I’m equally participating in this, and will probably update or check back on everyone in between the year. Do you have other detox ideas and recipes not listed above, and that works? Please share the fun as we all enrich ourselves in knowledge and health.

Toodles lovelies!!


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