Healthy Living without Physical Exercise

Healthy Living without Physical Exercise

Hi AbsolutelyChi readers,

This is my first post and first time doing this blogging thing (drumroll). Today’s post is simple and very basic one: It is a guide to living a healthy life that is very practical and realistic. It requires little exercising and this is based on personal experience and not a fabricated or refurbished post based on a nutritionist’s guide. Last year, specifically during the beginning of 2014, my then roommates and I decided on living healthier lives. You know, New Year comes with new resolutions, so that was ours as a team. We actually started at the end of the previous year in 2013, but took it more seriously in accordance with the moment.

  1. We drafted a food chart via and incorporated regular physical activities at least three times a week.

  2. We also measured our weight loss by a measuring tape and not a weight scale since the latter can be discouraging when no immediate result is seen within a week.

We embarked on this journey and it kicked off with great results. As we all know, it is easier to get started on something than finishing it. This was totally our situation, coupled with school, work, and time management. To cut the story short, life happened and we slacked four/five months into this agreement. Fast forward to the end of summer, (i.e. eight months later) I moved to a new state for graduate school and I had no motivation or my girls to push me and knowing myself as a foodie and to be the laziest person ever – without motivation when it comes to working out, I decided on eating clean since I clearly was not going to be seeing the walls of a fitness center anytime soon. I started with buying fresh foods and produce, cutting off sugary drinks including non-100% and concentrated juice, cutting down my salt intake, refrained from buying sugary snacks, cut down on extra oil and fats in diet, ate more fruits and vegetables and included more fiber in my diet. I switched from red meat to white meat, fried to grilled and basically switched all things white to brown. I increased my fiber intake by eating 100% wheat foods like oats, brown rice, quinoa etc. I also began to eat more vegetables by creating fun ways for consumption. My best form was through salads or green juice. Most times, we eat more fruits than vegetables. That is wrong. I purposely ensured that I had vegetables in my three square meals daily. Mind you, my green juice consisted of half and half fruits and vegetables, so not to counteract the purpose of more vegetable intake. I also began to drink more water and prepared my weekly meals ahead during the weekend to ensure that I stuck to my healthy diet.

In addition, I counted my calorie intake for everything I ate. I used FatSecret, a food counter that counts calorie intake. Upon registering for this app and using my statistics like height and BMI, I was limited to 1500 calories daily, which was just okay for me if I ate right and controlled my portions. I stuck to this lifestyle and ate badly in between on some days. Please know that I did not see this as a diet or punishment, it was voluntary and from my heart, hence making things easy. This continued till the end of the year and I dropped at least 10 pounds. More like 15 pounds to be fair. I was not purposely trying to lose weight, but I did. My family and friends brought it to my notice after seeing a clear difference. Truthfully, I didn’t believe until the scale confirmed it. I then realized that our diet is a major factor and dictator of our health.

I employ you all today to try this and see changes for yourselves. One of my old roommates experienced this herself. She lost 10 pounds in a week. Yes, she was a bad eater. Her diet was full of processed foods, high sodium, lorry loads of fatty foods and sodas. She embraced this change and saw immediate results. This is a new week coming. It is time to be proactive and finally man up to be that better person you’ve always wanted to be. Make good use of this weekend and make the decision to buy whole foods over processed ones and get ready to be wowed; In addition, I’d love to hear your stories of triumph- pictures are welcome too (feel free to subscribe and email us). Congratulations on this new positive journey you’ve embarked.

Stay beautiful and healthy folks,


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