Food Scam: Plastic Rice?

Food Scam: Plastic Rice?

fake ricePlastic rice, plastic noodles, real fake meat and fish, imitation crab, plastic lettuce, plastic cheese etc.….yes you read that right; P.L.A.S.T.I.C! Today’s post will be informational as usual, but more visual. I will be attaching links to videos and websites that reference this topic of concern. I would love for you all to see for yourself, instead of summarizing my research findings of food gimmicks.

I’d also love you to have a better perception for yourselves that this food industry has been adulterated so much that the program goals and objectives SCREAM red flags to its dearest and loyal consumers like you and me. I beseech everyone to please choose to not be ignorant (it is a disease really) but rather be knowledgeable and well informed about your immediate environment. The food we ingest is equally important to our well-being. Quality over quantity! Please be careful with what you eat. It’s not always what it seems. Read labels! Do your research!

Plastic Rice

Real Fake Meat

Fake Foods Sold by Restaurants

Fake Meat: The Meat Glue Secret

Fake (Plastic) Lettuce

Plastic Cheese: here

 (L): Plastic cheese placed on fire                          (R): Burned plastic cheese:(


Fake Egg

Until next time my lovely AC family, I hope you have a fabulous month!!

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  1. Buchi Ogbo
    March 3, 2016 / 11:58 am

    Hey Ife,
    Provocative information. So now the question is how does one actually consistently find the real food? I believe you are probably an advocate of organic. How does adopt a lifestyle that exposes them to organic food? Is there a certain mindset that is needed to not deviate from that and focusing on junk?
    God bless you! Absolutely. 👌🏿😁

  2. Ife Olayemi
    March 4, 2016 / 2:54 am

    Hi Buchi!! Thank you for the kind words, it is much appreciated. FYI, I’m an advocate for healthy eating, not necessary organic. Personally, I advocate for this and don’t eat all organic YET. Organic is very expensive, and not everyone can afford it. What I always encourage is to make use of what you have, so you don’t break the bank. Cut down all junk foods and canned products, then switch to buying foods in their natural state from grocery stores and local Farmer’s market. E.g. You can buy regular grains, real fruits, some veggies and opt for better quality for your proteins (meats, eggs, milk etc), or vice-versa…or not. It is totally up to you, but surely a slow and gradual process. The purpose of this platform is truly to put the information out there and educate about our diet in the 21st century. By consciously being aware of what you put in your mouth, you automatically start to make better decisions. You can do it, and it’s all about your mindset and orientation. You start from nowhere to somewhere, right? It’s simply the same thing here, nothing more. Another tip is to prepare your weekly meals during the weekend, that way you do not deviate into those high fats and sugary junks (seriously).

    Back to your question about the real food, I would say buy brands that are well known for their quality (not necessarily expensive), or you’ve been using for years with no worries, read the food labels and lastly RESEARCH. You can research about your food products before picking them at the store. I do that, especially for new items I’m unsure of.

    P.S: I have future posts coming up on some of your questions. So, please stick around weekly for new and exciting things from me:). For now, you can read all my previous posts on healthy living and diet.

    Thanks once more, and keep the comments rolling!!

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