Check In: Mid-Year Health & Fitness Motivation

Check In: Mid-Year Health & Fitness Motivation

Happy July 4th AbsolutelyChi family, happy National day America!! Today, I’m checking in on our fitness and health journey. It is officially the second half of the year…whoop whoop!

As promised at the beginning of the year, I will check in on you and your health goals. I will walk you through mine as I have not been 100% committed as planned. In terms of diet and nutrition, I am doing just okay. Some days and weeks have been rough eating clean and healthy, while others were easy like 123. With the current high temperature all summer long, it has become further challenging with curbing my sugar intake and unnecessary carbs from fried foods, baked goods, and desserts; my guilty pleasure.


As a result, my water intake of at least 4 bottles a day have been on a low. With that being said, I have definitely slacked off my goals on less sugar and white food consumption. In regards to fitness, my lack of discipline and commitment to the gym resulted in weight gain, a more rounded face, and no summer beach body:(.

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If you are like me, still struggling and yet to meet a wish of yours, do not beat yourself too hard. Let the second half of the year serve as a blueprint and reminder of your heart desire. The holidays will be back upon us come end Summer. July 4th is the last holiday in a long time. So take advantage and begin from somewhere, SLOW and STEADY till this becomes a lifestyle.


Moreover, do not forget to give yourself a break; nature cannot be cheated – adopt a cheat day. Make wise decisions when eating out, plan your weekly meal preps during the weekends, and have FUN while at it. Note that what might work for me would not necessarily work for you. So, listen closely to your body and balance it where needed!


As expected, it’s your turn to let me know how you are doing. Please comment below, like, and share this post. Do have a lovely time with your family and friends, and enjoy the rest of the week!!!



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