Camouflaged Elegant

Camouflaged Elegant

For those looking for this red camouflage dress, off the bat, you can locate it at your closest H&M store, retail price: $40.00 (a practical steal at that price, I know). The smallest that this dress runs is a 2 and the biggest size I believe is an 8. The size worn in the image is a 4. I would recommend a 4 for girls who usually wear a size 2 or 0 in dress size or even a 6. The tricky thing about lad23dresses is you literally change sizes with particularly every other dress- it’s unusual. If this dress is out of your price range, theres’s a similar style at

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Where would you wear this dress out to? Well, good question, this dress is great for a night out and if you accessorize well, you can even go as
far as pulling off this look in the office or even on a luncheon out with the guy or a bunch of random or close friend: Tip: The closer the better. 



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