Top Makeup Brands for Women of Color

Top Makeup Brands for Women of Color

This post is a special one because it’s one that is needed during a time of scarcity. We know how hard it is to walk into a store and not be able to find that tone that fits into your natural color and as a woman of color, this infuriates me. After searching for 3 years for the perfect brand that would cater to our skin, we managed to find not just one, but 9. So you are in luck, because we have saved you the trouble of going out and searching for what appears to be invisible or unheard of companies. The reason why many of you can only name 1 or 2 of these companies only is because there are too many general companies that attempt to cater to every skin tone that you’ve probably heard of first, like MAC, Maybelline … shall I continue? Don’t worry, we will, but before we do, please keep in mind that in no way is this post meant to belittle any other race; there is something in these brands for every women. Our purpose for writing this, is to inform women of color on brands that cater to them, in an industry that makes it hard to match the many diverse skin tones. 

I bet when I mention companies like Iman or Fashion Fair, you will look at me as if I had an gross abnormality on my face. It’s okay if this post is your introduction to these brands. After-all, that’s the point of this post: to educate and inform, for the purpose of growing you to your absolute best state. So below, we have taken the liberty of listing out a few of our favorite, tested and proven companies. These companies will help you to feel more comfortable in your own melanin and help to enhance your preexisting natural beauty in a non-superficial way. Also, don’t get us wrong: just because we’re showing you companies that cater to women of color, doesn’t mean that if you’re of another race or skin tone, you’re not encouraged to try them out. By all means, there is something here for everyone. Let us know what you think in the comment section, if you like any of the products from the following companies:

  1. Flori Roberts: Flori Roberts  (1965) was the first cosmetics brands developed specifically for women of color to be sold in major department stores. This was a big step towards giving African American women a prestigious line of diverse color cosmetics and skin care formulated and shade selected specifically for them. 
  2. Blac Minerals: Light mineral wear for that natural look, with over 15 shades. You can find this cosmetic at your local WholeFoods market and online on their website. Their aim is to provide amazing quality makeup that is contains ingredients that are not only safe for the environment, but non irritating and overall good for your skin.
  3. Black Radiance Beauty: We can’t get enough of their eyeshadow palettes (light to medium tones), contour palette and blush collection. What we love about this company is the end result looks so natural.  
  4. Fashion Fairwas founded by Eunice W. Johnson, the creator of the Ebony Fashion Fair, and her husband John H. Johnson, the publisher of Ebony and JET magazines. Johnson noticed that models in the fair were mixing foundations to achieve their own shade, so she created this line to better serve the women in her life. You can find this brand in any MACY store today or online, on their website. Their Souffle foundation and sticks are to die for and they match it precisely to your skin shade and oil level. Lately, they have been going out of stock due to some company conflict with their management, since the passing away of their CEO and the company being handed over to the daughter of the Johnsons. Despite this conflict, we can’t help but still appreciate the full coverage that this makeup brand promises and delivers. Believe us when we say, this is one brand you definitely need to try for yourself.
  5. Black| Up Cosmetics: Serves many color ranges, from light skinned to dark or purple toned skins. 
  6. Iman CosmeticsShe was the first to come out with BB Cream specifically for darker shades, and she’s also spoken out against the racism of beauty brand placement in drug stores. She was once told that “black women don’t buy foundation” and she laughed in their faces and made her own line to sell anyway.
  7. Black Opalthe shade range is great for women of color. It’s a velvet finish somewhere between matte and dewy and looks great year round, regardless of the weather. They’re also super affordable, at less than $10 a piece. They have other foundation types that vary in coverage, but not in quality. This is actually the best kept secret; it’s surprisingly in the kit of every great makeup artist. This is a must!
  8. Cocotique: They don’t just make hair product; check them out for their makeup products as well. Our favorite product from them has got to be their Pretty Toes Fade-N-Cover, priced at just under 20 bucks.
  9. Shea Moisture: Found exclusively at any Target store. This company is famous for bringing women of color and all races products that encourage for a more beautiful and moister skin, but as of last spring, they have ventured into the makeup industry, producing us even more products that are equally rich and beautiful in color. 

Now go out there and put the best you forward. Make sure to check back in later in the week for more posts about tackling your problematic skin issues. As much as we like to promote makeup brands, we also believe that the best you is the more natural you, so check in later in the week for our: 10 Step Guide to Clearer Skin. 


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