Attention (College) Students: Tips towards Surviving Finals Week and Finishing Strong

Attention (College) Students: Tips towards Surviving Finals Week and Finishing Strong

For the majority of students in the country and across the world, final examination aka finals are around the corner, or currently on for you. You’re most likely broke, exhausted and cannot afford to do anything minus school work, writing papers and studying all day. You have time for nothing, not even brunch or dinner with friends, talk less of picking up groceries or prepping your meals. You are in dire need of energy and boost to surviving finals week. But unsure of how to go about that, the question now becomes how to overcome the most stressful week of the semester and not fail while still being fully energetic.


1) A quick tip is to keep calm and not stress in the midst of all craziness. Studies show that stressing over everything before the actual cause or stressor creates anxiety and reduces energy levels. “Stress is the result of anxiety, and anxiety uses up a whole lot of our energy.” – Dr. Paul Baard. Stressing actually releases hormones that wave your attention span, affect your decision-making and cause lack of interest at whatever you are doing.

2) Another is to fuel your body, brain and mind with good food. I know it is hard, and could be a challenge, but it is doable. Minus coffee and energy drinks, which I condone the latter and advice for moderation from the former, switching to natural energy sources as an alternative and/or as a supplement would help fuel the body efficiently. There are a couple of fruits, vegetables, and foods known as brain food, which is good for the brain chemistry, and for sustainability. Find below a compiled list of some natural energy boost.20162122246454730_sbig

  • Banana, Blueberries, Apple, Citrus fruits, Carrots, Goji berries, Edamame, Avocado
  • Herbal tea, Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Coconut water, Water (yes!)
  • Sweet potatoes, Quinoa, Brown rice, Oatmeal, Peppers, Hummus
  • Egg, Beans, Salmon, Beans, Lentils, Greek Yoghurt, Nuts, Trail mix

3) Get fit! Running, exercising or simply partaking in a yoga session does not only boost your energy, but your mood and better prepare you for finals. It also helps to distress, how-often-do-you-workout-college-student-exercisereleases negative energy, mentally balances and detox your mind. Its best to do this in the morning when things are peaceful, the sun is still rising, the weather is good and you’re in better control of your environment. Therefore, it is less clustered and no cause for unnecessary anxiety.

4) Sleep nap rest, sleep nap rest…sleep! By now, you should get my drift, sleep well. For good vitality and functionality of your body, and most essentially your mind, sleep is paramount. Pulling an all-night while high on caffeine can only provide rapport to a certain level. But, sleeping for a couple of hours, even though not the recommended minimum, could help with retainment of courses and lectures.


5) Have fun! All work and no play as popularly known makes Jack a dull boy. Taking study breaks will help with retention, reduce anxiety due to last minute deadlines and help reduce blood pressure. Go ahead, stretch and breathe, go for a walk, listen to music or comedy on Pandora stations. Blast that lemonade album, shake it off to Taylor Swift and don’t feel sorry for dancing while at it to Justin Bieber, whichever one you do, have fun.

Do you know, or have any other tips for finals preparation? Let us know below, as sharing is caring. Until next time, my lovelies, do remain absolute and good luck wishes are sent your way from us at AbsolutelyChi to you!!:*.



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