21 Must-Have Healthy Kitchen Utensils

21 Must-Have Healthy Kitchen Utensils

If you’re not a foodie or have no cooking skills, this topic can be scary for a newbie. My love, don’t fret. It is simply easy, and effortless. What matters is the type of foods you love to make in your kitchen. Are you a light cook i.e. do not use a lot of utensils, or heavy i.e. go all out and make food from the scratch? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. The good news is that you can make anything with the right kitchen tools, and at a faster time. So, start exploring those taste buds and become more creative. As an eco (ecofriendly) health freak, I gravitate towards green utensils and appliances. Note:- Please, feel free to adjust according to your budget and needs. The list is as follows (in no particular order):

Wooden Cooking Utensils – Yes, wooden! Wood does not melt, hence a good cooking tool.

Wooden spoons

Silicone Cooking Utensils – Known to withstand very high cooking temperatures. Although, I do get skeptical about this, it’s been proven and actually quite safe.

Veggie Slicer/Mandoline – Are you trying to cut down your carb intake? Replacing carbs with veggies such as Squash or Zucchini noodles will surely make you fuller and healthy. Bye to starchy white foods. Veggies are here to stay. Did I say it is also yummy?

Measuring Cups – As a newbie in the foodie world, you would need this if you love following recipes word for word. Measurement matters! Thou shall not be taken for granted.

High-Quality Knife – I mean a sharp and steady one. This is self-explanatory.

Shears – Although, looks like scissors, this assembled piece could be used to trim and cut off excess fat from your raw meat and fish. #leanmeat2016

Stainless Steel Pot & Skillet – If you like good things, then hop in here. But, beware of the hot lid which conducts heat easily due to the stainless steel material. I told you so! Have your mitten gloves ready. I’ve burned my fingers a million times and learned the hard way.

Non-Stick Pot & Skillet – To make your eggs, rib-eye steak, and vegetables on fleek, non-stick cookware is the way to go hunny. Ensure you don’t scrape the pot/pan, as the coating can end up in your stomach. Not healthy! Switch to cast iron, if you love to do this.

Thermometer – Sometimes, not all meats are thoroughly cooked at the right temperature. Thereby, an increased chance of food poisoning. This is a good way to read the current cooking temperature of meats. It is also useful at the end of the year; festive season i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Rice Cooker – Self-cooker that controls and regulates its temperature when rice is cooked. All types of rice and grains can be cooked with this. Also, it is safe in the dishwasher. Yay! What a win-win situation.

Dutch Oven – Thick-walled cast iron/ceramic/clay pot with multiple uses. It can serve as a regular cooking pot, deep fryer, crock pot, casserole dish and even oven pan. The ability to withstand temperatures too makes this unique pot type easily transferred from stove burners to oven racks.

Food Processor – Do you hate chopping your fruits and veggies? Thank me later once you invest in this. It’s a time saver for sure.

Garlic Press – Gosh! Another gadget favorites of mine. This tool is the bomb. It can be used to crush garlic, so also ginger and other spices.

Salad Spinner – I’m sure you saw this one coming. I cannot miss this out. It is simply terrific with a spinning action in seconds.

Blender/Juicer – People do have different preferences for these gadgets. I prefer blenders over juicers, because of the additional fibers included in my smoothie. What’s your preference? Juicers are lovely as well. You can easily juice anything from scratch without artificial sugars, chemicals, and additives.

Citrus Juicer – Inexpensive and quick means of extracting lime, lemon, and orange juices. An alternative is to use a dining fork to squeeze in between the pulps of the citrus fruit until completely extracted.

Herbs Mill Extractor – Do you love herbs; cilantro, rosemary, thyme, sage etc.? Try this mill, as it extracts herbs in no time. Bye to plucking and dicing of herbs. It’s time to free those fingers from working so hard, lol.

Baking Mat/Sheet – If you love cookies and snacks like I do, you will fall in love with these silicone-based mats. Just grab your mat, place your cookie dough on it and off to the oven for baking. Not too worry, silicone does not melt at high baking temperature. Voila!

Stand Mixer – This is yet one of the best inventions if you’re a baker. Do try it out for yourself. The money is definitely an investment of your time and effort.

Immersion Blender – Are you a soup lover? If yes, enough has been said (seriously).

Slow Cooker – Need to cook, but don’t have much time? Throw in your soup ingredients, and slow cook all day till when ready. Make sure to save me a plate.

And it goes on and on like that. What are your must-have kitchen utensils? We would love to know in the comment box below.


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